Hazel Namadingo


Personnel and Data Coordinator, Tsogolo la Thanzi (2009-2012)

B.Soc.Sc., University of Malawi, Chancellor College
Certificate in Bioethics and Research Ethics, CEBESA, College of Medicine

Research Interests
Namadingo majored in Sociology during her undergraduate training because she wanted to understand more about communities and people living in them so that she could contribute in finding ways of making people’s lives better. After finishing college, she returned to her hometown, Balaka, where she started working as a Personnel and Data Coordinator for Tsogolo la Thanzi Research Study. While working at TLT, she coordinated a qualitative study looking at young adults’ response to art. Namadingo is currently¬†working as a social science consultant in an organization undertaking water, sanitation and environment related projects. She lives in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, and she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.