Emily Smith-Greenaway

Assistant Professor, University of Southern California

Ph.D., Penn State University
M.A., Penn State University

Research Interests

Smith-Greenaway’s research centers on understanding how social institutions help to produce and perpetuate social inequality, which she typically measures by investigating disparities health and mortality. Her research focuses on sub-Saharan African contexts where individuals are charting their life’s course in politically, economically, and ecologically volatile environments. In her work on health inequality, she focuses on the specific roles of education and the family, social institutions that are changing rapidly in Africa. Her multinational research applies a demographic perspective and uses quantitative methods. Smith-Greenaway became involved in TLT as a graduate student in 2009 and helped design the literacy and numeracy survey modules fielded in Wave 7 of TLT-1. Smith-Greenaway’s grant award from the Max Planck Society funded TLT-3.